Pike Fishing Rules 2016

Pike fishing will be permitted two days each week during September and October. For 2016 this will be Monday & Tuesday each month commencing on 1st September.

Permit Allocation

Pike permits are available for a maximum of ten boats each day. Bank permits are also available and a maximum of ten will be issued each day.

Fishing Areas

During September, boat fishing will be permitted in all areas except the Inlet, Sailing Bay and western (top) half of Green Pool; bank fishing will be permitted from the spillway at the southern end of the east bank around to the fallen tree north of Doctor’s Bay excluding the Inlet and western half of Green Pool.

During October due to our SSSI closure requirements, fishing will not be permitted between the fence in Bill Smith’s Bay and the Inlet. There will also be an exclusion zone of 100m off shore.

Boat fishing will not be permitted within 50m of any bank where bank anglers are present; bank anglers will take priority.

Fishing Times

Boat - September 09.00 to 18.00; October 09.00 to 17.00

Bank - September 08.00 to 18.00; October 08.00 to 17.00


Only lure or dead bait fishing is permitted at Llandegfedd. Fresh Water dead baits must be blast frozen and trout baits are not permitted. Marine dead baits bay be used fresh or frozen.

Fly fishing for pike will not be allowed.

Fishing for pike only is permitted; all other fish species must be returned alive immediately. No fishing will be permitted for other species on pike permits.

Live baiting is strictly forbidden.

A maximum of two rods per person can be used irrespective of the number of rod licences held by an individual.

Trolling is permitted under power of oars only; all lines and gear must be brought inboard whilst underway.

Use of bait boats will not be allowed.

The use of fish finders in permitted but must be secured to boats in a manner that will not cause damage or marking of boat hulls, seats or fittings.

Landing nets and unhooking mats are compulsory and no fish shall be taken to the bank for photographing. Any fish photographed must be properly supported by the anglers to minimise all risk of injury to internal organs; fish should be returned with the minimum amount of handling.

Fish should be returned to the water as soon as possible after unhooking and not retained in the boat or handled repeatedly to allow photos to be taken.

Please remember that the health and welfare of pike caught at Llandegfedd is paramount to the health of the pike population and ecosystem of the reservoir.